Don't ask, don't tell. Make a wish. Sludgy rock. In/out. Live/skull. Codeine. morphed the fuck out.




Like widow wearing coats in the rainy grass. Time is not deep. The cow goes moo.


Just look at that fucking cover. I don't care if my mom's dead slit drew that beyond the grave. Plagal? Wreck Small Speaks? DEAD C!!!!  Peter "brother of Graeme?" Jefferies? I fuck a cake in a kitchen!


i hate posting 2013 albums, but damn, this joint is tight. We had a fall. Grand. I was petrified to try her cuz the cover look like Marilyn manson shit. She IS NOT that. Chelsea is a enigmatic nobody with beautiful songs, not a nobody with… FUCK YOU MARILYN WONDER YEARS FOR MAKING ME MISS C. WOLFE'


quotes only:

"confirmation of your worst fears/ ever since his first years/ had a thirst for beers"

"viktor the director/flip a script like rob reiner/
the way the dudes rhyme: they name should be 'knob signer'"

"there's 4 sides to every story/if these walls could talk, they'd probably still ignore me"

"V bring the beef like a trucker to Fuddrucker/delivery to all y'all motherfuckers and bloodsuckers"

"he used to get straight A's/ now a days 'get way paid' is the pet phrase"

"if he was on the island, he'd probably rob a millionaire/and be known for wilin' out like bob dylan hair"

"Respect/ ITS V, what the heck/yall known who's the best/ might as well cut the check"

"didn't know the name, but by the face they knew 'em/racist against rappers, they all look the same to him"

"mind yr manners or you'll be R.I.P./ local bartenders call him 'Barfly V'"

"lookin at my Seiko/ bout to turn Waco"

"sip Schlitz malt liquor"

"he did his thing in jig slang/ and translated Einstein's theory of the big bang"

"Smack-dab in the hip-hop gold rush/ V: rather the old stuff, preferably the Cold Crush"

"He get deeper than Deepak Chopra/ except he keep a stack and cheap-ass Vodka"

"she'll probably get mad at me/ i'll betcha it gets her nowhere like flattery"

"double team you with the emu"

"tried to raise taxes on cracks and black porn"


So much good Unwound. A band that left at a pinnacle. Saw em in a barn in Northampton. Leaves period. Challenge is as good a place to start. That Tom Jones record is good too. Is this a comp? who fucking cares.