Silver Jews
American Water

I imagine I befriended the Jews in a way similar to most folks; "Pavement side-project" (groan). I first scooped up "Starlite Walker" and, sure enough, it had Stephen Malkmus' footprints all over it . By the time they released their 2nd album, "Natural Bridge", the band was no longer a 'they' and was now the sole property of one DC Berman. That album's blacker than the vinyl it's pressed on. So Berman invites Malkmus back for "American Water," and with his presence the mood lightens a little bit, allowing DC to craft a hands down CLASSIC. Where most Silver Jews albums are merely a vehicle for Berman's husky-voiced clever couplets and witty one-liners, this car has some serious bonus features: cherry harmonies, tight instrumentation, and the lyrics are gas! This is a sweet ride, brought to you by the lovely folks at Drag City Records.

Top shelf tracks:
Smith & Jones Forever, People, Buckingham Rabbit

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