Cat Power
Moon Pix

One of the ugliest album covers for one of the worst live performers (at that time anyways). But the music, oh the music. This kept me company during freshman year in college as everyone had orgies and knife fights. I had "No Sense", a key kut from kat. Chan's DP'd by the 2/3rds of the Dirty 3. Delicate, dark, sad, at times emotionally wasted and occasionally spiritualized album. I'll forgive each and every trespass Ms. Marshall. This is immunity.


Super AE

How does one type that Greek-ish connected "AE" doo-dad?
This is the Nexus. Pre- "Super AE" was nothing but skull-fuckery and childish retardation. Post-"Super AE" was some Disco Biscuits ish. It amalgamizes the best of both worlds (like that R. Kelly/Jay-z album...), not that preteen mental defects and lsd electronic jam bands are good in anyway. Just that the best the Boredoms had to offer (PopTatari/ChocolateSynthesizer/VisionCreationNewsun) in a tasty felt-tip marked pill. In jest.


Live/2nd Album

Haino's cover band. I know K-to-the-H is a win or lose prop bet for many. This is the closest one will get to ROCK N ROLL Haino (other than that beast of a first Fushitsusha album). Awed by the Satisfaction cover with its vague touchstones of the original. Floored by the cover of "Why the Two of Us Here". Its bassline must be the most playful the Prince O' Darkness ever played on, and he shreds the ass outta his guitar. How I do not envy you Gibson SG.


Charanjit Singh
Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat

So I guess dude invented house or acid house... I know little of electronic genres. But this seems to toe the line of actual ragas with all the inherent structures and controlled improvisations except Singh put the phasers on STUN and the 808's to CARDIAC ARREST and this joint just makes me wanna snap my head-nodding neck. I CAN'T KEEP UP!



Never impressed by the drone-y Cluster with a K. This album however: real nauseating, shifty beats and synth. Feels slightly out of phase like after a night of drinking.