Don't ask, don't tell. Make a wish. Sludgy rock. In/out. Live/skull. Codeine. morphed the fuck out.




Like widow wearing coats in the rainy grass. Time is not deep. The cow goes moo.


Just look at that fucking cover. I don't care if my mom's dead slit drew that beyond the grave. Plagal? Wreck Small Speaks? DEAD C!!!!  Peter "brother of Graeme?" Jefferies? I fuck a cake in a kitchen!


i hate posting 2013 albums, but damn, this joint is tight. We had a fall. Grand. I was petrified to try her cuz the cover look like Marilyn manson shit. She IS NOT that. Chelsea is a enigmatic nobody with beautiful songs, not a nobody with… FUCK YOU MARILYN WONDER YEARS FOR MAKING ME MISS C. WOLFE'


quotes only:

"confirmation of your worst fears/ ever since his first years/ had a thirst for beers"

"viktor the director/flip a script like rob reiner/
the way the dudes rhyme: they name should be 'knob signer'"

"there's 4 sides to every story/if these walls could talk, they'd probably still ignore me"

"V bring the beef like a trucker to Fuddrucker/delivery to all y'all motherfuckers and bloodsuckers"

"he used to get straight A's/ now a days 'get way paid' is the pet phrase"

"if he was on the island, he'd probably rob a millionaire/and be known for wilin' out like bob dylan hair"

"Respect/ ITS V, what the heck/yall known who's the best/ might as well cut the check"

"didn't know the name, but by the face they knew 'em/racist against rappers, they all look the same to him"

"mind yr manners or you'll be R.I.P./ local bartenders call him 'Barfly V'"

"lookin at my Seiko/ bout to turn Waco"

"sip Schlitz malt liquor"

"he did his thing in jig slang/ and translated Einstein's theory of the big bang"

"Smack-dab in the hip-hop gold rush/ V: rather the old stuff, preferably the Cold Crush"

"He get deeper than Deepak Chopra/ except he keep a stack and cheap-ass Vodka"

"she'll probably get mad at me/ i'll betcha it gets her nowhere like flattery"

"double team you with the emu"

"tried to raise taxes on cracks and black porn"


So much good Unwound. A band that left at a pinnacle. Saw em in a barn in Northampton. Leaves period. Challenge is as good a place to start. That Tom Jones record is good too. Is this a comp? who fucking cares.


Slint grew the fuck up. This HAS TO BE THE MOST UNDERRATED ALBUM OF EVER. It broods and bubbles over/under and does what Spiderland did only with more dread and taste.


Doesn't Pajo look cute on the right. This is 'Royals'. This is adolescence breaching an adult pup. Its an embarrassment, and its brutal and fucking rad. Shivers and SAABs and reservoirs. I'm at the circus and i'm spoken word.


Probably my favorite album of 2013. I've loved me some 4ad music, including the Breeders (duh) and Belly (huh). Somehow I missed this odd, angular shit. After a spell.


I guess 'quick space' died post album. who were you? why? i guess if belle and sebastian fucked karen o and mogwai (thats a menage for you young'ns)=quickspace.


You get all these ppl mewling: 'that new sky/lorde/kay/janelle/bratninoidicle album/song is so fucking hype' and i expect it to sound like this melted, milted, malted piece of j.jax on slack snack pop. I lose.


Don't tell me these girls can't play the raw materials, can't cross the I or carry the 1. This is like Pop Group, Nico, and those good parts on those shitty Raincoats albums amalgamated. 


I see JM with the crew, pre-blow, yelping: "Nation Time, HOO." Kinda like the Bulls, Jordan heyday. I like my jazz skronked the fuck out, and funked the hell up. You win Joe (too bad Katherine is a hoe).


Its a Bardo Pond album, some brother or 2 are on the album. This album is the shit cuz they got this drummer dude, Jason something, and he plays lead like Robbie Yeats in the Dead C. Totally hesitant, spacious, like those first few Jandek albums with drums: if they were quantized.


I don't know if L. Cohen is a good poet. Why must cultic figures be poets? He's a songwriter, thats a modicum harder. Did I use 'modicum' right? Ask the poet.


Kate is off putting like Tori amos and her fan base makes my taint tighten. Also, KB totally shot her wad with this album, its hot fire. Look at that cover, don't you wretch? The music is like a million times nicer. 'Cloudbusting' is my favorite track of 1985-2013.


Josephina is one badass septuagenarian bitch. Like some post-silent movie singer over the raddest folk/psych. fuck you baez. ??what? whoa, she's not 69? then why is my gf cringing while her mammaw is jitterbugging? fuck


Is that sweden in the flames? Droney? yep. Heavy? yep. Catchy? like herpes. I wanna plow some snow


NMH, check out the other posts… (s/t, trux)
well, its like syncopated shredding. I left Denver as Neil Hagerty exeunt. Saw him a few times at Larimer etc. I miss the weather. Dry. I do like red burritos over green ones though. I think Cobain boxed Cheney. did the $6million man win?



first ear balling the club of guns, i twinge'd some pixies in the mix, cuz i don't know what a psycho billy is but will he please stop fucking my gf?! pixies=head, gunclub=hips and/or dick helmet.


holy shit, bristol. FSA is good no matter what, but when My dreaming hill explodes post intro, gimme gimme gimme some more. better than a billion brilliant bloody valentines.


Simple, beautiful. "i sing the blues most every night". And i wait for the one i love to make more music. Edith, where have you gone. I know she hates her albums on the cat meme machine, but please, listen to this late nite, lonely album and call over time for more. 
PS: Jimborourke and grubby dave for the sun guts are in the house.
"When we go down to albany…" nothing, albany sucks.



2013 has been a great year for me to hear new albums by bands who prior albums I like better and will post for you. ??. Shaking the Habit was great, one of my faces. This is wall to wall bangers, skeet skeet.


21 fucking years ago? Damn. Horrible cover, of course. Merge Recs always suffered. Ash played in Helium, I always assumed he rapped on these trax. I'm happy the Polvo-rones still hit up the scene these days, to diminishing returns. These early albums are great for the lyrics 'all curled up inside a basket" feel. 


I loves me some Broadcast and its a damn shame Trish died from fucking pneumonia!? I always pictured a wu tang 'b-teamer', weed-carrier type rapping over these tracks. Maybe someday. Blimey


"it was the biggest cock you'd ever seen"…
so, that's arab strap in a nutshell. it was my monty python growing up. just funny lines
and raging hormones. 
"you had no idea where that cock has been"…
this is like a greatest hits comp from these british boys. really crisp for a live joint.
songs like 'new birds' meander for minutes on some 'go back to sleep angus darling' dewars all hail the drinking man shit, then explode like their bros in Mogwai.
"i pulled the 'ex' last night"…